Online Carpet Cleaning Marketing That Gets Results

Carpet Cleaning Marketing That Gets Results

What We Can Do For You

Search Engines

From keyword research, to making sure your on page SEO is right, to building links and citations. We take care of everything, to get you ranking in search engines.


We list your sites in all the most important online directories, this includes filling out all the information required, a detailed introduction, pictures and more.

Paid Advertising

We can manage your paid advertising, be that Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, etc. We can help decrease your costs and increase the conversions you get.

Facebook Page

We can setup your Facebook page. We can create Facebook cover art and fill out all the information needed. We can also manage your account and do all your Facebook posting.


Getting reviews is tough, no doubt about it, but we can give you strategies, handouts and ongoing coaching, to help increase the number of reviews you get and to improve your carpet cleaning marketing!

Ongoing Management

We can also take care of all the daily, weekly and monthly tasks you need to do, in order to have successful online marketing campaigns. Freeing you up to focus on other things.

People Are Already Searching, Make Sure It’s YOU They Find!

Search Engine Optimization

Rank In Google And Other Search Engines

Having your business ranked in search engines can be a goldmine.

Leads from search engines are some of the most qualified leads you’ll get, online or anywhere else, as people are actively searching for your services.

What does someone searching for “carpet cleaning in los angeles” want!

And the best part, there are 10, 20, 50, 100 or more people searching for those words (or similar) every day.

With our SEO services, we do what’s required to get you ranking for the “money” keywords.

What We’ll Do For You

  • Do a full SEO analysis for your area and the services you provide
  • Find the right keywords you need to target
  • From our analysis, we’ll fix any problems we find which could prevent you from ranking
  • We’ll work on your NAP consistency so Google and other search engines have all the right information they need and so they trust you more
  • We’ll also do all of the local citation building and link building

Get Qualified Leads From Google

We’ll Get You Ranking!

And we’ll do anything else that’s needed to get you ranking. (All of which we’ll learn from our SEO analysis and from working on your SEO.)

We don’t just provide a broad set of SEO services, we laser target our services to what’s needed for your area, who you’re competing against and the services you provide.

Want A Brief Analysis?

Online Directory And Listing Sites – Initial Setup And Management

Online Directory And Listing Sites

One often underutilized marketing channel is online directories and listing sites.

This is because it takes a lot of time to fully fill out all the information needed and to do it on 50-100+ sites is incredibly boring!

These websites won’t set your phone on fire, but you can get a “consistent trickle” of business from them.

But perhaps more importantly, these sites are an an important ranking factor in Googles rankings, so it’s something you need to do.

We can claim all your listings, fill out all the information needed, make sure it’s done the right way to boost your ranking potential in Google and create profiles that have a higher conversion rate.

And on some of the most important directories, we’ll also work to rank you higher in their search results.

Paid Advertising Setup And Management – Google AdWords. Facebook Ads. Remarketing.

While SEO can take time before you start seeing returns, with paid advertising you can get instant results!

With paid advertising you can also measure exactly how much it’s costing you to acquire a customer.

For instance, $6 ad spend = 10 website visitors = 3 phone call + 2 email inquiry = 2 confirmed booking.

We can setup and manage your paid campaigns, we can stop you from throwing money away and get you low cost, targeted traffic. We can handle everything so you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on this.

Never tried paid advertising before? We can run “experiments” for you, to see what your roi would be. Start from as little as $5 a day!

Paid Advertising Setup And Management

We Also…

Facebook Setup And Managed

Facebook For Carpet Cleaners

With Facebook you can get repeat business from previous clients and you can get “referrals” by tapping into their “Friends” network!

But it takes a ton of time to get started and to manage.

We can,

  • Do the initial setup and handle the design work
  • Publish regular updates with our content strategy
  • Build your followers with our outreach sessions
  • Run contests and special promotions
  • Notify you of any messages you need to respond to!

Ongoing Optimization And Management

As fruitful as online marketing can be, it’s also a massive time suck. The setup time is intensive, but the ongoing management is a nightmare.

You need to do the SEO work to rank in search engines, make sure you’re not spending too much on paid advertising, run your Facebook page, check for positive/negative reviews. And on and on…

Mix in the fact that the online world is constantly changing and requires you to change with it, then you’ve got one big headache.

That’s were we can help. We’re nerds! We actually enjoy doing this work and having to stay on top of the latest changes.

We can take all of the ongoing work away from you, so you can focus your time on other areas of your business, or actually take time off!

Our ongoing management isn’t just about doing the daily, weekly and monthly ongoing work, it’s also about optimizing your campaigns.

What’s more, you’ll be in the hands of a company that specializes in online marketing for carpet cleaners. It’s just what we do!

Ongoing Optimization And Management

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