Ongoing Optimization And Management

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Ongoing Optimization And Management

What We Can Optimize And Manage


We can help optimize your website for SEO, increase the speed of your site and increase the number of conversions you get.

We can manage your website by taking care of your hosting, updating your content or making changes when needed. And we can manage the security, backups and software updates that need to happen.

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We can optimize your marketing by making sure you’re using all the right channels, in the right way and make improvements!

We can manage your marketing by taking all of the ongoing work away from you, so you can focus your time on other areas of your business. SEO. Paid adverting. Facebook. Reputation management. The works!

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Optimize And Manage Your Website

Website Optimization – We Can…

Increase Your Conversions

Increased Conversions

Most carpet cleaners leave massive amounts of money on the table when it comes to their website. They create a website and then just let it sit, thinking that’s all they need to do.

But you can always be converting more visitors into customers.

That’s where we can help, if for instance with your current website, for every 100 people who visit it you get say 30 people contacting you, we can change a few things on your site and see if for the next 100 people we can get 35 or 40 people.

And we’ll carry on testing our changes until we reach the highest conversion rate we can.

Increase Your Websites Speed

The load time of your website is important to Google and your visitors, so it should be important to you too!

We can help decrease the time it takes your website to load, which is a ranking factor in the search engines. It also helps decrease the number of people who hit the back button because your website is loading too slow.

Improve On Page SEO

On page SEO is such a simple thing to get right, but yet it’s done wrong by so many carpet cleaners.

We can make sure that all your pages are built to please search engines. This means things like, proper use of the h1 tag, meta description, title tags, fast loading websites, the correct keyword usage, etc.

Website Management – We Can…

Manage Your Hosting

Hosting is a pretty important part of your website and we can make sure it’s done right.

You won’t have to worry about setting up your website or email address, you won’t have to worry about your databases or making sure you’ve configured caching properly, you won’t have to worry about spending your weekends fixing things or making sure your website is up and running.

We can take care of everything for you!

Do Your Content Updates

You could learn how to add your own content to your website, but why waste your time!

If you want to make updates or changes to your content, we can do it for you! Why risk making a mistake and bringing your whole site down? Why not just let us do it? We’re fair and we’ve found our clients are as well. We support a reasonable number of updates/changes per month.

We’ll let you know if you’re stretching our friendship!


If the worst happens, i.e. your site gets hacked or you change something but you can’t figure out how to change it back, we can make sure you’ve got a recent backup of your site files and do the work of restoring them!

Update Software

One of the ways hackers target different websites, is via outdated software with known vulnerabilities. With our hands-on service we can make sure you’re always up to date, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Manage Security

We scan your site regularly to check for known malware, injected SPAM, your “blacklisting” status, out-of-date software and check for any website errors. And if your site is ever compromised, we can clean it up for you!

Optimize And Manage Your Marketing

Marketing Optimization – We Can…

Get You Ranking In Google With Our Off Page SEO

Cleaning Websites Search Engine Optimization

Leads from search engines are some of the most qualified leads you’ll get, online or anywhere else, as people are actively searching for your services.

What does someone searching for “carpet cleaning in los angeles” want!

With our SEO services, we do what’s required to get you ranking, including a full SEO analysis for your area and the services you provide, making sure you’re targeting the right keywords, improving your nap consistency, doing ongoing local citation building and link building.

And everything else that’s needed to get you ranking!

Optimize Your Paid Advertising - More Leads + Lower Costs!

A lot of carpet cleaners run their own paid advertising after they’ve read an article or two online.

But they don’t realize that they’re usually paying way too much to acquire a client, while also missing out on potential clients by not targeting them properly within their ad settings.

We can help “tune up” up your campaigns, so you spend less and get more!

Find The Best Opportunities For Your Online Marketing

With so many opportunities for online marketing, it can be hard to know where to spend your time or money.

We can provide you with a full “online marketing analysis” and an action plan for your area and the services you provide, with recommendations for where you should focus your efforts.

This includes the bigger platforms, i.e. Google, Facebook, etc, but also potential opportunities in your local area.

Marketing Management – We Can…

Run Your Facebook Page

Facebook can be a great place to get repeat business from previous clients and “referrals” by tapping into their “Friends” network – But it’s also a massive time suck!

We can do all the time intensive tasks, such as publishing regular updates, building your followers with ongoing outreach, listing any special promotions you have and notifying you of any messages that only you can reply to.

Monitor & Help Fix Your Reviews

When a potential client is researching your company, you can bet they’ll look at the reviews you have on other sites – i.e. not the ones you share on your website!

This means you need to make sure you don’t have any negative reviews out there, both currently or in the future. We can do the job of constantly monitoring the most import review sites and help you try to fix any bad reviews.


Manage Your Ongoing Paid Advertising

Once you’ve got your paid advertising setup, you’ll need to constantly monitor it so that, 1) you’re not spending too much, 2) your ads are still converting, 3) you can spot new opportunities.

This is something else we can manage for you!

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